Hello everyone Welcome to all of you once again on our site, in this important article today, you will tell how to increase sales in your shop or business and how to bring growth in your business. On this topic, we are going to talk in detail and you will be told such ways to increase sales by which you will get your sales 10 times bigger, so stay up to the end in this article.

Friends, it is not a big deal to start a business or to start a shop, the big thing is when you can make your business a profitable business. In this 21st century it does not matter how old your business is, it is important how fast you are in this era.

How to Make your Business Bigger

“The world is changing very fast, now we will not be able to beat the big six now but we will beat the slow slow”

In this fast world and so much competition, you have to create the right strategy for the business, only then you will be able to achieve success in your business. Therefore, we are going to give you information about sales tips, on the basis of which you can increase your sales many times.

Business Marketing in low cost

# 1 behavior

“A person who cannot laugh should not open a business or shop”

“The secret of life is honesty and honesty, if you can copy it, you will create life”

Behavior has a big role in sales or business.

Whenever a customer comes to your shop, always welcome them with a smile so that the customer also feels that how you are dealing with him. If you give a smile to your customer, then that customer starts connecting with you and always starts coming to your shop.

Every shopkeeper should call Sir Madam Bhai Saab to make a relationship with his customer so that the customer also feels that how much value you are giving him, the customer gets connected with you and he will always come to your shop. .

By giving your customer a place to sit, you can also do your other work for a while by saying this and your customer also feels that you are respecting him a lot.

By doing this, the customer connects with you emotionally and always promotes your shop. If you make tea water for your customer, the customer mind also increases the trust and respect towards you and the customer trusts you and always joins you.

# 2. Benefit to the unsuspecting customer (Important Sales tips)

“Unless you are able to find the benefits of your product or service, you will not be able to sell the product to any customer”

Friends, what is going to change in the life of the customer from the product you are giving to your customer, what is the benefit to him. Just like you are selling a good pan to your customer, the tip of the pan is very good, the pan has been ordered from America, these are all the features of the product.

You should speak to the customer, taking this PAN will add to your writing, it is a benefit to the customer, so always give your customer a feeling from your product about what their benefits are going to be. So that the customer connects with you emotionally and your sale increases.

When the customer starts seeing your benefits in your product, then you do not have to work hard to sell your product. Therefore, you should first pay attention to the fact that if there is no benefit to the customer in our product, then do not do it.

  1. Keep the offers coming out especially during a festival This is a very good way to increase sales in the business, as well as you can increase the number of your customers, for this you should make offers from time to time. Because when you withdraw offers on your service or product, then you are also associated with new customers and there is growth in your business, so you should get offers especially on festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid, New Year etc. This is a great way of marketing, by which you can market your product in a very good way, as well as you can also sell to more customers. This sales tips are very good for increasing any business. You must have seen that big companies and brands offer offers on their products at every festival, either they give one free with four or they reduce the cost because they know that the customer will buy from you once It will be added.
  2. Get feedback from your customer and forward the feed back to the feed Friends, this is very important and important sales tips to pursue business, it helps you to know that there is a mistake in your product or service. Which you can improve and this is possible only when you continue to take feedback with your customer and ask your customer how the Hamri service is like. If the customer has given you number 2 out of five, then there is no shortage in your product or service, which is very harmful for your business. You can improve it, but for this, it is very important to get feedback from your customer. You can take it from face to face, or from social media or if you have your own app, take the rating of your product on it, or you can go to the community as a customer and take feedback from your customer. Other sales tips Do an event once a year for your customers to call everyone Know your customer’s requirement Try to give more than competitor Give the customer more services Marketing a product or shop on social media Respect Customer’s Feelings Solve the problem of your customer’s life Help the customer path the customer, show the right path to your customer As far as possible tell the truth to your customer Keep the quality of the product as good as possible, give unique services or products from your competitor. Hopefully you will like this information of important sales tips, this will help you to increase sales at your business or shop, if you have questions related to business, you can ask us by commenting.