Hello Friends today we will give you Unique information on how to make money from YouTube. YouTube is one of the most popular Social site. It started as a video sharing website on 14 February 2005. All of us often use youtube for entertainment or knowledge.

Everyone has some favorite Youtubers and YouTube channel. Which we like to visit constantly. Perhaps inspired by this YouTuber, we also think of starting our career as a YouTuber. So that we too can earn more money and complete our hobbies and make our name in social media.Due to this excitement, many people quickly start uploading videos by creating YouTube channel.

This is one of the biggest mistakes we think, our favorite YouTuber, who is earning million dollars every year, did it all in one day, but that’s not the case at all. For this, he did many years of hard work, after which he is at this stage today. Now it’s not that you can’t reach here and can’t earn much money from YouTube but you have to do less hard work and more smart work at the beginning of it.

More than money and success, you will have to pay attention to the quality of your content. More traffic will have to learn new things. I am 100% sure one day will come when you become a big YouTuber who will have name money everything. Now all this will happen when views come to your videos.

The more views you get on your videos, the sooner your subscribers increase, then your revenue will increase and you will be able to become a successful YouTuber. We are sharing with you 10 working steps of 2018 for you to have a good start. These steps will be very helpful for one of your best youtube entry. How to make money from YouTube one by one you will definitely get an amazing guide.

How to Make Money from YouTube? 2021 Best Ideas

We want to finish a doubt of all those people before we start these 7 steps. Who asks, Is YouTube making money? Of course you will not be able to handle. It is also easy and very difficult. If you start by understanding the whole planning and nuances of YouTube, then definitely you will start earning money from YouTube very quickly. That is why understand all the steps mentioned carefully and start according to it.

#1. Research and Select your Niche

Niche means creating videos on one topic by not creating videos on multiple topics. Most unsuccessful Youtuber has one thing in common, they upload all kinds of videos on their YouTube channel. You tell yourself you would love to watch tech Videos on a YouTube channel that is comedy channel . Not at all because you subscribed to it for comedy’s.

That is why before opening a youtube channel, choose your interested topic, research it and most importantly stay on that topic. Always upload related videos on your channel. the biggest advantage of choosing an interested topic is that you will never have the idea to create a new video.

Many people choose topics that they don’t know about, which later results in the fact that they end up with new video ideas that make them feel bored. In this case, chances of doing YouTube quite increase.

#2. Create Channel on YouTube

After selecting a topic, create a YouTube channel. We all know that to earn money from youtube, we have to upload videos on youtube. To upload videos to Youtube, first we need to create a youtube channel. Simple follow a few steps to create a channel on YouTube.

  • First create your new account or sign in to Youtube from an existing gmail account. Now Name Your Youtube channel . Remember the name of your YouTube channel should be a keyword related to your topic.Let’s say your topic is about making money online, channel is called something like
  • Keep Make money online which will make it easier for people to find your channel.
  • While keeping the name of the Channel, remember that it is easy to fall and people remember it with one hand. The shorter and easier your youtube channel name is, the easier it will be for users to remember. Many people put a name of their choice, which is not related to their topic at all. This does not have a good impact on viewers. That’s why take special care of this thing when creating a YouTube channel.
  • Edit Youtube profile upload profile picture and cover image. This will make your channel’s look better. Which will attract viewers.

#3. Keep Uploading Videos Every Day or Week

Once you have created the Youtube channel, start uploading the video Regularly. Remember the quality of the video to be better. For this you follow a few steps.

  • To upload a Video, it is necessary to create the first video. Use good quality camera to make a good video. You can also use a good mobile camera. Use a good mike or earphone for your audio recording. Use a great video editing software. By doing all this, your video quality will be better so that the user experience will be better. He will watch your video until the last end. Which is good news for a youtuber.
  • Before selecting the topic of any video, do research on it, see if that topic can give you traffic. If your channel is education, technology, blogging, make money etc. So, go to the google keyword planner tool and take the idea of your topic. With this free tool, you can find your topic’s competition per month searches and its bid rate i.e. the ad revenue that you get on that topic.
  • If you don’t get traffic when you upload the video initially, then think of uploading the next video better than the previous video. Watch your youtube videos yourself and identify your shortcomings and improve them. See what is working and what is not. By analyzing your own video, you will be able to improve it quickly and start uploading good videos gradually.
  • The topic you created the video on, if someone searches that topic on youtube, how it will appear to the logo, you need to do the seo of that video. keep in mind some things to do seo, keep the first Video title a little attractive like suppose you have made a video on top of make money online. So put her title something like 10 steps for make money online . The advantage of writing an attractive title is that people click on the video as soon as they read that title. The second video description must be written to let the people know about your video. Third, use the YouTube Tag Generator to insert the related keyword to your topic, only then will youtube know which topic your video is above. This will rank your video in search.

#4. Try to Increase Audience

Only you keep uploading videos and youtube will pay you money is not at all like that. you have to increase your audience for YouTube doesn’t pay for uploading videos. As good views begin to arrive on your videos, your subscribers will also increase. The more your subscribers, the easier it will be for you to get views on the next video.

The Monetization of YouTube will help you meet the policy. To gain more audience, you have to work on a few things.

  • Make a video on a topic whose search volume is high and competition is low. By creating a video on such a topic, you will gain good views in a short time. Provide complete information related to the topic in your video so viewers don’t have to watch another video. This will increase the user’s trust in your channel so that they will visit your channel again.
  • Share your Youtube channel on social media. Also create the FB page of the channel . the video from the viewers must be shared in their friend circle. Doing so will create links to your videos so that you will start receiving referral traffic from those sites. That will increase your audience.
  • To connect to your subscribers, perform live streaming on your channel. Create QnA videos to answer questions from them. Try to respond to all the comments of your viewers. Doing so will create a connection between you and your audience so that they will wait for each of your next videos.
  • Your subscribers want the next video on what topic. Use the Youtube community tab for this. This will let you know what kind of videos he wants.

#5. Understand YouTube’s Monitoring Policy

In 2018, a new Youtube update came out of which the Youtube monetization policy was also one. Previously you could monetize your YouTube channel without any views, subscribers too. This rule was changed as soon as the new update came. Now you have to complete YouTube Monetization Rules 2018 to monetize your Youtube videos-

Your videos should have a total watch time of 1 hour in the last 4000 years.
It is also important to have a total of 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. If you meet these conditions, you can now give your Youtube channel for monitoring.

#6. Enable YouTube Monetization

If your YouTube channel starts getting good views daily and under” Youtube monetization policy 2020 ” your videos have a total of 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers. So now you can make money from youtube. To earn money from YouTube you have to put your channel to youtube monetization.

This means that you are allowing youtube to place advertisements on your videos. To perform monetization on your youtube channel you need to follow a few steps:

  • First go to youtube account and click on my channel. Now go to create studio.
  • Now click on the channel in the left sidebar.
  • After clicking on Channel, click on status and features.
  • Now click on under monetization Enable.
  • Now your video manager will see a green mark of dollar $ in front of every video which means your monetization has been on. Now you can connect your youtube channel to adsense.

#7. Add AdSense account to YouTube

After monetization on your youtube channel, you need to connect your youtube account to adsense account to earn money from youtube. First, you need a google adsense account. This post has to be done to create an AdSense account. after you have created an adsense account, read this post on how to connect your youtube channel to an adsense account.

After all this process is completed, your adesense account has 10 dollars. So youtube sends you an address verification pin to the address provided in your adsense account. If you have 100 dollar after verifying this pin, you can fill in your payment information in adsense account and get the payment in your bank account.

What did you Know

You can go through this article on how to make money from YouTube in which we shared 7 working steps with you as well as three ways to make money from YouTube. Finally share with you Youtube channel ideas on which you can start opening your YouTube channels. Now if you like our post good and helpful then definitely share it.