In today’s article I will tell you what is Loco Pilot (what is Loco Pilot) how to become a loco pilot (how to become a loco pilot) what should be the educational qualification to become a Loco pilot (Eligibility for Loco Pilot) how much is the salary of a loco pilot will explain everything in detail just by reading the article complete.

So today we are going to tell you about a Government post in which by making Career you can make your Future good.

Choose your own path because no one knows you better than you. So let’s friends know in detail about what is Loco Pilot, in this you will find out all the meaning of it in Hindi, so this post is for you. That’s why you read from complete dheyan.

What is Loco Pilot

The people working on this Post are appointed by the government appointed by the government i.e. if they live on the Government Job then what does Loco mean first of all?

The Rail engine and Loco Pilot mean the driver who drives the rail. If you want to become a Loco Pilot, the first thing you need to do is access the Assistant Loco Pilot Post. And to reach you have to Clear the competitive exam.

When an assistant becomes a loco pilot, then, according to his Experience, he gets a Promotion on the post of Senior Assistant Loco Pilot. Only then will Loco be able to get Promotion at the pilot’s post and that requires a lot of effort. So friends say that the dream is not what we see in sleep, the dream is what we do not allow to sleep.

The Posting of Assistant Loco Pilot takes place under Group C. And the Assistant inside the Railway which is called ALP (Assistant Loco Pilot) in short because the Assistant helps Loco Pilot to move the Train correctly. The assistant loco pilot helps the main driver of the train. And sends all Signal. The Task of an Assistant Loco Pilot is enormous.

Because they have to give their Duty more time than their time. You can’t say that you don’t have time because you also get as much time (24 hours) in the day as you get to great and successful people. So friends say that it is no use to return from the middle way because on returning you will have to cover as much distance as you can reach the goal if you cover the distance.

How to become a loco Pilot

Friends, work hard so quietly that success makes noise so you can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it yourself so let’s see how to become Loco Pilot and how to prepare for Loco Pilot Exam

You are hired as a Group C employee through an Exam, from this Group you are promoted to the B Group of Loco Pilot post, after that you are given the Senior position of Loco Pilot, then you become a Train Driver i.e. loco pilot.

If you want to prepare Loco Pilot, then you need to Follow a simple procedure through which you can become a loco pilot.

  • One can apply for Indian Railway Recruitment either Online or Offline.
  • After submitting the application, your academic qualification is checked.
  • Written test occurs. Have to pass the Written Exam.
  • Medical Test takes place after passing the exam. It specifically checks your eyes.
  • After successful medical tests, training takes place.
  • After completion of training, you are appointed as Train Driver Assistant.
  • Create a Time-Table and Follow it. To prepare for any type of Competition exam, it is very important to create a Time-Table.
  • Keep an eye on Current affairs.
  • Pay much attention to the science subject in general studies.
  • Increase your general knowledge GK (Current Affairs).
  • Thoroughly revise all subjects of Science up to the 10th Class, such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

So friends get up, wake up and don’t wait until the destination is obtained only then you can become a loco pilot.

Educational qualification to become loco pilot)
Those who wish to Apply for this post must be at least 10th Pass. Or it is necessary to have an equal educational qualification from a recognized University.

Candidate must have at least ITI. Also, if the candidate is AICTE Approved by the Institution, he/she must be Mechanical/Automobile/Electrical / Electronics Engineering.

The age limit of the candidate is mandatory to be minimum 18 years and maximum 30 years.

You can still apply for this post if you have done Bachelor of Technology or Bachelor of Engineering from a recognized University.

Loco Pilot salary

Those who are assistant loco pilots have a basic salary of ₹5200 to ₹20000, they are given ₹1900 as Grade Pay and they get ₹ 30000 to ₹ 32000 as monthly salary.


If we wish, we can write our own destiny on the strength of our self-confidence and hard work and if we do not know how to write our own destiny, then the circumstances will write our fate. So success introduces us to the world and failure introduces us to the world

I hope you have understood everything well, what is Loco Pilot, how to become a loco pilot, what should be the educational qualification to become a loco pilot, I have told you everything in detail.

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